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Mr. Ibrahim  Rashed Labana experience began in working in the field of   cargo supervision in “cargo supervision and surveying office” since 1973 he served their for 10 years . In 1983, Mr. Ibrahim Rashed Labana established a private survey company associating with his partner from 1983 to 1995 and he was the senior marine surveyor for more than 12 years in this partnership. Prima marine was the result of his experience. 


Prima is a well known survey Company working in survey fields all over Egypt certified by: Egyption insurance control association .

The present owner of Prima is Mr. Rashed Ibrahim rashed labana, with the registry No. 957, in the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority,

Mr. Rashed has been providing awide range of survey reports ranging from small boats and ships to large commercial vessels and marine facilities.


Prima have earned a good reputaion for delivering experts damage reports. Mr. Rashed graduated at the faculty of commerce from Alexandria university and he finished his Diploma in Marine Insurance under the supervising of Arab Marine and Transpotation Academy.


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